When Your Chaotic Life Is A Good Thing

When Your Chaotic Life Is A Good Thing

“All great changes are preceded by chaos”, right?! So we must be in for a BIG change!

I have noticed that you, me, my friends and colleagues, and my family are all dealing with chaos right now. From the external to the internal. Physical to emotional. The macrocosmic to the microscopic. There’s a LOT going on and… it doesn’t feel so great.

But the truth is this: it’s an exciting time because there is so much happening in our world and on our planet. Physically and energetically we are changing. Elevating even. But, like cleaning out your house, you gotta get rid of the old before you can bring in the new. And Spring means cleansing, change, and new beginnings.

Now is the time to let go of anything that is painful or holds you back from your true self. What is not building you up is holding you back. Old beliefs that don’t allow you to speak your truth, habits that deplete your physical health, beliefs that you can’t be happy or have what you want, hanging out with people who emotionally drain you, whatever it is, time to let it go. And deep down you know this.

The minute you let go of something that doesn’t serve the highest and best version of yourself, something else, something BETTER, gets to fill that void. Put the good stuff there!

We all need to course-correct now and again. So while life feels chaotic and things are getting shook up, there’s actually some sifting and sorting happening. THIS IS GOOD!

Pay attention and decide and declare what you want to keep and what you’re ready to release. You are *worth* your own attention.

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