What to do with 168 of these?

What to do with 168 of these?

It’s FINALLY Spring! The past week I’ve noticed small green buds sprouting on bushes I pass on the way to the train. And today…they’re full fledged leaves!

Call me silly, but I so enjoy watching the day by day transition of the seasons. *sigh*

I’ve been thinking a lot about time this week – it probably had something to do with celebrating another year into my 4th decade (!). But specifically how we SPEND our time. Our precious 168 hours a week.

Ever notice how rich the hours are when you’re outside in nature? Or spending time doing something you love?

Versus when you’re playing couch potato? Mindlessly scrolling through social media? Or end up watching an entire season of Game of Thrones because you had nothing else planned? *guilty*

My point is this: be firm with the time you dedicate for work, and be firm with the time you delegate for play.

Because, my friend, half-assing either one results in less results (work) or less enjoyment (play). And that kinda sucks, don’t you agree?

Even if you’re “technically not working” but still checking work emails, doesn’t that cost you a little bit of your mental freedom?

If you’re looking for ways to reclaim those untapped hours, here’s a >> great video << from one of my favorite ladies, Marie Forleo.

Let’s make your time count in ways that matter to YOU.

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