Q: What goes on during a treatment? A: Follow my Instagram :)

Q: What goes on during a treatment? A: Follow my Instagram!


I can see the hesitant look a mile away, a new patient walks in my door and they don’t quite know what to expect during their visit. What goes on during a treatment anyway? Will it be more “Western” and involve stethoscopes and blood pressure readings or will it be more “Eastern” and involve smoke and oddball questions about my dreams? The answer is, probably a little bit of both!

To have a better idea of what goes on during an session with an acupuncturist or Eastern Medicine practitioner you can check out my Instagram account HERE. I’ve got snapshots of tools around the office and treatment rooms along with pictures of different therapies that get used or talked about during a typical appointment.

Within an appointment or two here are a few of the bigger topics we cover during your treatment:

  • lifestyle
  • work/life balance
  • sleep quality
  • digestion – food habits, allergies, sensitivities, bowels
  • aches/pains
  • female hormones (menstrual cycle, PMS, pregnancy, menopause, etc.)
  • medications
  • acupuncture
  • herbal medicine
  • cupping
  • moxibustion and heat therapy

During your first visit, we’ll sit down for 20-30 minutes to talk about why you are here, what you want help with and to review your health history. Then, depending on your main health complaint, we’ll do acupuncture and likely one other therapy during your treatment time.

While you are comfortably dozing on the heated massage table, I make a list of lifestyle recommendations to help support your health goal. By the end of the treatment, most patients feel very relaxed and much better.

If you are in Northwest Arkansas and you haven’t come into my office yet, I invite you to visit my Instagram office and follow me there! And please don’t forget to say HI!

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