Self Care Clarity Call

1 more thing you can do in your pajamas!

Well, May absolutely flew by, right?! Between dodging raindrops and living life it seemed extraordinarily busy!

Last month I had the honor of being interviewed by WebMD about the practice of smudging, or sage burning. You can find the WebMD article HERE. But who would have thought WebMD would be writing an article about such an indigenous holistic practice?! Not me, but I think it’s awesome that a traditionally Western medicine website would be interested in a common practice that sometimes gets the side-eye from skeptics.

The author reached out to me as an “expert” (a-hem) after finding my original blog on Smudging. Which got me thinking… I know a helluva lot about alternative and holistic practices outside of Chinese Medicine that I’d love to share. Which, my friends, leads me to my new offering…

>> Self Care Clarity Call <<

What does that mean? It’s a 30-minute video consultation where I share ideas and remedies you can incorporate to best support your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It’s so easy you can do it in your pajamas! Goals can be for general fitness or we can target a specific health issue.

Honestly I’ve been doing a bit of this with my in-person 1-1 patients for awhile. However in an acupuncture or Reiki treatment, I typically don’t have the time to dive into and present all of the other practices they can be doing to support themselves. I want to give you the information so you can empower yourself and your healing journey. I’m so happy to finally announce this offering so let’s do this!

Click HERE for more information about the types of things we’ll chat about and how it works. I hope to work with you and support all aspects of you!

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