Travel: A recipe for inspiration and perspective

Travel: A recipe for inspiration and perspective

I have amazing parents and was extremely fortunate to be able to travel around the continental U.S. and internationally as a little girl. Visiting places outside of my “normal routine” was stimulating and provocative, and so the travel bug gained a secure hold of me at an early age.

I’ve always tried to make travel a priority and have been lucky to visit such beautiful places like Panama, Mexico, Europe, China, India, Africa and many places around the States.

doodleheartMy most recent trip, my honeymoon to Africa (South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe), was amazing and surpassed anything I could have imagined. Two straight weeks with one of my favorite humans, beautiful landscapes, humbling hospitality, wild animals in their natural environment, new friends, and delicious cuisine.


But one of the best things about this trip to Africa is that it reminded me to be grateful. REALLY grateful about what I have in my life. And also, as travel always does, perspective. Culturally we can be so different, but deep down we are all the same, we are all human.

We all need shelter. We all need food. We all need love. We all crave connection. We all crave community.

I want to inspire you to travel. International or local, it really doesn’t matter as long as it’s somewhere new to you. New adventures are the best way to learn and keep a healthy perspective. Happy travels!


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