The Teaching of Fall

The Teaching of Fall


Fall is my absolute favorite season. I love everything about it – crisp air, cozy sweaters, the return of the good shows on TV, and all things pumpkin. Aside from the external changes we can see, Fall is a time of great internal transition. So I’d like to talk a bit about the teaching of fall.

Transition appears in our lives in all forms, some positive, and some negative. Recently, life transitions happening around me range from the news of new pregnancies, getting pain-free, and positive mindset shifts to illness and loss of a loved one.


Transitions, whether exciting or heartbreaking, allow for the continued cycle of creation and letting go. Fall is all about letting go of whatever is stopping us from making that next transition. It’s impossible to make room for new things or experiences in our lives without letting go of some of our old “stuff”.

If you are looking for change, take stock of what you no longer need or want in your life. Give yourself permission to let it go. It is necessary to release what is holding you back in order to propel you forward and allow for the discovery of new opportunities and possibilities.

Real change takes time, and that’s ok. Be gentle to yourself, but continue to move onward and upward.


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