Spring Clean Your Body

I have another guest blogger this month. Her name is Carrie Fitzsimmons and here is her advice on how to Spring Clean Your Body!

It’s spring and it’s time to do some Spring Cleaning! You may be thinking that I am talking about cleaning out the garage, washing windows, or take a run to the Salvation Army to drop of unwanted goods but I’m not talking about that type of Spring Cleaning. I’m talking about something much more important and that is to clean out the house you live in every moment of your life wherever you go…your body!

The toxins that get into our body are much more harmful and damaging than the dirt and grim we clean out of the home and when we remove toxins from our body the joy goes way beyond the joy of having a clean garage. An overload of toxins in our bodies can disrupt many of its functions including its own natural detoxing functions.

Symptoms that could indicate toxin overload:

 Allergies

 Bad breath

 Constipation, diarrhea, irregular bowel movements

 Frequent congestion, colds, and viruses

 Headaches

 General aches and pains that migrate around the body

 Bad reactions to fatty foods

 Low energy, loss of vitality

 Lower back pain

 Lower resistance to infections

 Need to sleep longer


 Skin problem

 Over weight

Our environment is loaded with toxins (including pesticides, chemicals, xenoestrogens and stress) and because they are everywhere it is easy for them to enter our body.

Toxins show up in various places like our food, food packaging, water, cleaning products, personal care products, the air we breathe inside and out, just to name a few. Once the toxins are within, our bodies will do everything and anything to eliminate the toxin but when the toxin cannot be broken down or the body sees it as a threat it will take it out of circulation and store the toxin in a fat cell to protect itself causing bigger fat cells also know as ‘love handles’! In other words our body carries around extra weight just to house our toxins!

There are many solutions and it’s not as hard as cleaning the house after a long hard winter. A good way to start eliminating toxins is to strengthen your detox organs and there are amazing herbs that can help you do this. Also, be aware of what you are putting into and on your body to avoid more toxicity.

7 questions to ask about ingredients when purchasing packaged food:

1. Do you have to look it up?

2. Does it have a #?

3. Does it have 4 or more syllables?

4. Is it unpronounceable?

5. Does it end in a-t-e?

6. Is it enriched?

7. Is it all capital letters, not words?

If you say yes to any of these, it probably has chemicals that you do not want to ingest. There are so many types of cleanses on the market today although doing a cleanse or a detox can also flood your bloodstream with toxins, causing unpleasant side effects and therefore I recommend to my clients specific cleansing options depending on their symptoms and desired goal.

The one instruction I give to everyone to assist the natural detoxing of the body is to drink more (clean) water. It’s not so easy to eliminate toxins from our lives but we can be pro-active by cleansing our body at least once a year during this season. Spring is a time for renewal. Use this time to renew yourself with a detox.


Carrie Fitzsimmons is the owner of 180 Health Coaching. She is passionate about helping people live healthier lifestyles and specializes in removing toxins from all areas of life. To find out more about her work or to receive a free consultation with her you can email Carrie carrie@180healthcoaching or call her at (773) 330 – 7361. Also get great health tips and like her on FB, Facebook.com/180healthcoaching


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