Are you waking up? Are you remembering?

Are you realizing there is more the the world than what you’re seeing physically?

Are you craving a deeper understanding of who you are and how to work with your own energy to create more joy and ease in life?

Do you remember that love, inner joy, and sovereignty are your birthright?

sov·er·eign / säv(e)ren:  

having full right and power over yourself, without interference from outside sources

Welcome! The Sovereign Heart School offers a path to inner freedom and ease. This self paced 6 module course is a gateway to greater awareness and heart centered living by honoring your Divinity within. It’s a dive into energetic and spiritual rediscovery that will give you the confidence, belief, and mindset that you create your life from the inside out.  

∞ · ∞ · ∞ · ∞ · ∞ 


• Foster a deeper love and appreciation for your True Self

• Cultivate peace in your heart through learning energetic and spiritual practices that empower YOU

• Regain self worth by strengthening your Intuition and ability to trust yourself

• Expand your confidence and courage to make decisions that support your highest and greatest good

• Understand your Clairsenses… aka your superpowers

• Decode personal numerology and angel numbers that support understanding of your life’s path 

• Meet your Family of Light (angels, guides, ancestors, star beings, etc.)

Align your body, mind, and heart

» Now is the time to create self stability, security, knowing, and trust in yourself «

Included bonuses…


if you are ready to awaken and release old limiting beliefs and conditioning

if you are excited about diving deeper and doing the inner work

if you are ready to claim personal sovereignty and self responsibility for your life

if you are open to expanding your mind, trying on different perspectives and energy practices

if you are interested in embodying your True Self


if you are looking for a “quick fix”

if you are not willing to take 100% responsibility for your life

if you are looking for therapy, instead of coaching

if you are not willing to create change in their life

if you are not willing to let magic flow into your life

Ready to rediscover the solace of your sovereign heart?!

I’m excited to share with you!

Sat Nam,


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Frequently Asked Questions


Great question! This course is meant to be easy, flexible, and fun for you. You can consume the modules at your own pace. Most videos are about 20 minutes and I encourage you to dedicate some time each week so your faith and trust in yourself continues to build.

And don’t forget you have forever access to the course too, so you really have plenty of time!

Don’t forget payment plans are available too! But, I’d like you to take a moment and dig a little deeper. If you’re drawn to this program there’s a reason why. What is it offering that will ease where you are suffering right now? What would your life look like and how would you feel if you were able to shift your mindset, rebuild inner strength, and creating your life from the inside out along with your Higher Self? How badly do you want to change the energy that keeps you in fear, lack, and indecision? A lot of times, it’s not about the money. When you picture the life you want and the vision you have for yourself, what does that look like? Are you willing to invest in that long-term vision? What will serve your highest and best self to help you recognize the AMAZING divinity within and co-create your life? Also, if you don’t join us, what is your alternative plan to work on yourself? Have books and videos helped you make a solid shift? If so, great! Do more of that. My goal is to help you remember who you truly are and stand in your sovereignty to create the life and experiences you want. Choosing this path needs to be an empowered decision you feel good about. What does it feel like in your body if you think about joining? Trust your inner voice and the Universe…because it’s also part of this process!

Probably. The interwebs has a LOT of answers and information. But, I have outlined this course to jumpstart your remembrance. This course is designed for you as you awaken into a larger perspective of who you are and having a Facebook community to support you. It’s a beautiful process that is to help you transform and expand your mind, body, heart, and spirit…Google can’t provide that.

1-1 individual work with me is not included with this course, however you can ask me all the questions you want in our Sovereign Heart Facebook group! And I do offer many other opportunities to work with with me personally HERE.

The short answer is no, because I’m not you. Your essence is the magic bullet here! This is your opportunity to claim self responsibility, show up for yourself, invest in yourself, and be willing to do the work. I can say without hesitation if you do show up and do the inner work, transformation is inevitable. I don’t want to waste your time but the only one who can do this sacred work…is YOU!

No problem! Send me your questions at and we’ll get to the bottom of it!