A six month course in Energetic & Spiritual Self Mastery


sov·er·eign / säv(e)ren:  

having full right and power over yourself, without interference from outside sources




Guiding women to divine awareness, true freedom,

and heart centered living by cultivating deep and

meaningful connection with themselves

through spiritual and energetic practices




Peace in your heart through learning energetic and spiritual practices that empower YOU

Understand the Clairsenses (aka superpowers) and which are your strongest 

Decode personal numerology and angel numbers that matter to you

Regain self worth by strengthening your Intuition and ability to trust yourself

Meet your Family of Light (angels, guides, ancestors, star beings, etc.)

Confidence and courage to make decisions that support your highest and greatest good




One 1 hour distance energy/reading session ($133 value)

One 30 minute 1-1 Zoom mentoring and support sessions with Claretha ($200 value)

One 1Hr LIVE online group mentoring support session ($200 value)

Four+ monthly video modules with accompanying PDFs ($250+)

Voxer access to private message me Monday – Friday ($200+)



 !!  BONUSES  !!

Guided Earth connection meditation

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs webinar ($97)

Self Healing Start Kit video series (3) ($297)

Crystals 101 class ($97)

Embrace Your Unique Self Interview Series ($97)

  My favorite resources for all things spiritual and energetic (priceless) 

Private FB group access for community, accountability, and support (priceless)


If you’ve been looking for guidance and support on how to feel safe, secure,

and that you are sovereign unto yourself…your chance is here. Your time is now. 

It’s time to develop your knowledge and tools for the New Earth.


◊ ◊ ◊ ◊


Here’s what we’re going to cover…


Month 1 ¦ The Basics  ¦ 

Energy 101 – everything is energy

The science behind why “Energy Flows Where Attention Goes”

Managing Your Energy

Clearing your physical and environmental energy with grounding and breath work

Defining your self care needs  (physical, emotional, social, mental, spiritual, and practical)

The power of saying “NO”


Month 2 〈 Your Energy Body 〉

Exploring your energy channels inside and outside of the body including:

acupuncture channels, the 13 chakras, nadis, your diamond chakra pillar, and more

How to feel your personal energy

Setting your energetic boundaries

Connecting to your higher self

How to see Auras


Month 3 º Managing Your Mind º

Right brain vs left brain

Embracing Your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine sides

How to overcome a limiting belief

Practices in being the observer

The importance of Stillness and meditation


Month 4 ~ The Clairsenses ~

Defining the Clairsenses

Determining your strongest clairsenses

Developing your Intuition

What’s a “download” and how to know if you’re receiving one

How to muscle test yourself


Month 5  ⊗ Numbers That Matter ⊗

Using the science of numerology to improve your life

Basic astrology and how it impacts you

Angel numbers and repeating numbers

How to use Sacred Geometry


Month 6 ∞ Your Family Of Light ∞

Meeting your personal team of guides, Ancestors, Angels, ArchAngels, Starbeings, etc.

How they communicate with you

How you can connect with them



Now is the time to create stability, security, knowing, and trust in yourself.

Who do you want to be in 6 months?

Imagine spending this time cultivating self love, self trust, and a deeper relationship with yourself?


It’s time to rediscover your sacred self to liberate your Heart,

embrace your unique self, and claim your sovereignty to experience

personal freedom and the truest expression of yourself.


If you’re interested in creating Self Mastery for yourself and you’d like my help,

click HERE to book a call to see if it’s the right fit for you.


Sat Nam,