Sovereign & Strong ~ An Interview Series


Sovereign & Strong: How to See Beauty in Chaos, Shift Your Consciousness, and Create Peace Within

A powerful interview series that will help you reclaim your sovereignty and connect to your inner strength!

20 women offer meaning, insight, and hope to help you create peace within when times get tough. In these interviews, we chat about topics including:

  • awakening and ascension
  • building self trust
  • emotional intelligence
  • balancing the Divine Masculine and Feminine within
  • 5D and creating Heaven on Earth
  • purpose and meaning making
  • mindset and consciousness
  • and so much more…

During the live show all of the speakers offered FREE GIFTS and many are still available!

It’s over 10 hours of juicy conversation! And watch at your own pace!

After purchase, you will receive an email with with a special link to have lifetime access to all 20 interviews to re-watch whenever you like for continued support and personal growth.


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