Reiki Training – LEVEL 1



Date: Sunday, August 15th 2021

Time: 10am – 2:30pm CST

Location: ZOOM

Reiki is a non-invasive Japanese modality that promotes stress reduction, relaxation, and self healing. This virtual Reiki Level 1 workshop includes:

  • learning the foundations and history of Reiki
  • exploring the basics of science and energy healing
  • an attunement to Reiki which allows you to become a channel for healing energy
  • learning the standard Reiki treatment protocol
  • giving and receiving a Reiki treatment
  • introduction to Energetic Self Care and Intuition

Once class is complete*, you will understand how to clear, balance, and reset the body’s energy centers (chakras). At this level, a Reiki Level 1 Practitioner, you can practice on friends, family, and companion animals to become familiar with the energy and all its uses. Level 1 certification does not authorize you to practice Reiki professionally on others, that certification is achieved through Reiki Level 2 training.


Prerequisites: None

Space is Limited.



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