60 Min Distance Reiki Session


As Reiki is a focused energy healing session, this can happen in person or remotely. With a Distance Reiki session the recipient is not present in the office but still receives healing energy to clear and balance the body’s energy centers.

Common uses for Reiki include:

  • reduced stress
  • increased relaxation
  • support better mood
  • address physical symptoms of pain, disease, and illness
  • address mental and/or emotional conditions like anxiety and depression
  • speeds up recovery time from physical trauma
  • increased energy

A distance Reiki healing session is 60 minutes. A short consultation will be set up prior to the session to communicate your goals.

Time and date for healing session will also be set up during the consultation. I get intuitive information during these sessions, which will be typed up and emailed afterward.

Please email claretha@jadepathacupuncture.com to set up consultation.


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