Do you want a piece of my Heart?

Do you want a piece of my Heart? 


I’m thrilled that my Heart Frequency Painting arrived safely to my client in New Zealand! Yes, that’s a snapshot of it above! I feel like a piece of my heart is halfway across the planet. Can I call myself an international artist now?!

In case you missed it, my Heart Frequency Paintings are an extension of my intuitive and healing abilities. And I’m so excited to share this Heartwork 🙂 with you!

One of my favorite things the painting’s recipient said was “Thank you for the experience, it’s been incredibly heart opening.” And yes! That’s my goal!

I made a short video on YouTube where I explain a bit more about my supplies, process, and examples of finished pieces. The end result is a beautiful and uplifting mix of meditation, energy, Reiki, and clairvoyant information that is in service to help you calibrate your frequency to match up to whatever it is that you want to create in you life.

It might sound crazy, but we’re delving into the quantum world here!

I have one in the office, so if you’re in Northwest Arkansas, so you can check it out (and feel it) in person.

If you are interested in commissioning a piece, please click to this page HERE.

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