I WISH more people knew about this!

I WISH more people knew about this!

If there’s ONE thing that people turn to acupuncture for (oftentimes after they’ve tried everything else) it’s PAIN. After all, most acupuncture studies were done on pain and here’s the awesome part… it WORKS!

I wish more people knew about how many ways Chinese Medicine can treat pain. It’s really quite impressive how many effective strategies we have in our toolkit. So, how many tricks do I have to treat pain? Let me count the ways…


Acupuncture releases endorphins (our body’s natural pain killer) and neurotransmitters (chemicals that change nerve impulses). Need I say more?


Also known as “dry needling”.This style of acupuncture treats the musculoskeletal system and is super effective for tight, spasmed muscles. The acupuncture needle is inserted into a trigger point to release and restore healthy relaxed tone to the muscle.


People LOVE cupping. It’s also used for tight muscles. Cupping is the placement of glass cups on the skin with suction. The suction increases circulation to the underlying muscles, breaks up adhesions in the fascia, and pulls out toxins. It reduces pain and inflammation. Great for tightness in your shoulders, back, glutes, and hamstrings.


Another great technique that has similar effects as cupping. With a rounded edge tool I gently “scrape” lubricated skin to loosen tight muscles, break up connective tissue and generate blood flow. Great for neck pain, carpal tunnel, calf tightness and other hard to get areas.


Sometimes chronic pain, especially if you’ve had it for years, needs internal as well as external attention. The Chinese medicine pharmacopia is extensive and has formulas to treat just about everything. If pain is coming from cold organs, blood stasis (a MAJOR culprit), a past trauma that hasn’t fully healed, let’s talk.

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