Acupuncture, the most well know modality of TCM, involves the insertion of sterile, single use needles into the body at specific points for treatment of health problems. Chinese medical theory describes Qi, or energy, that flows through pathways in the body. These pathways are like rivers in that they have a natural flow to them and when the flow is obstructed, pain, illness, and other ailments occur.

For thousands of years Chinese practitioners have stimulated points along these pathways to restore proper energy flow and encourage healing. Traditional Chinese medicine is unique in that it can be used to correct imbalances that have already become illness and pain, or to correct imbalances prior to the appearance of symptoms to prevent disease.

The Tao of The Jade Path: Acupuncture

At Jade Path we know that every person who walks through our doors is unique. That’s why we want to know the details of your health so we can formulate a customized treatment plan and choose acupoints that benefit your unique situation.

The health gains and effects of acupuncture can be described in many ways. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the goal is always to restore balance in all of the organ systems in the body by regulating the circulation of qi and strengthening what is deficient.

In Western medical terms acupuncture is said to have effects on the body such as regulating hormones, releasing endorphins and reducing inflammation locally and systemically. While a single acupuncture session can provide relief, results are cumulative and multiple visits are therefore recommended.