share your Healing Abilities with the world

Building on your Reiki Level 1 knowledge of self care and self healing, Reiki Level 2 lays the foundation for you taking your healing out to the world!

In Reiki 1, the focus was on you. In Reiki 2, the focus is on others. And many in your community and the world need you right now!

In this Reiki Level 2, The Practitioner training, you will receive a second degree Reiki attunement to energetically open you up to additional energies needed for deeper Reiki work. You will also learn sacred symbols for the expansion of healing energy to become a more skilled and powerful Reiki healer immediately.


After completing your Reiki 2 online course*, you will:

✨ be able to charge a fee for your Reiki sessions

✨ be attuned to higher vibrational frequencies

✨ know how to send distance/remote Reiki healing

✨ have basic information on how to start a Reiki business 


>  Sunday, May 23rd 10am- 2:30pm cst  <

*(In order to attend Reiki Level 2, you must already be trained, attuned, and certified in Reiki Level 1)

Your Reiki Level 2 Online Class includes:

A review of Reiki Level 1 

✨ Refresher on the basic principles and flow of Reiki energy

✨ The 7 chakras within the body

Energy beyond the Body 

✨ Extrasensory perception

✨ Healing vs Curing

✨ The energetics of “Woundology”


A 2nd Reiki Attunement

✨ A short meditation to get you into a relaxed state to receive your second degree Reiki attunement


Giving a Complete Reiki Session

✨ Setting up your healing space

✨ Meaning of the Reiki symbols and how to use them

✨ How to use symbols to give a Distance/Remote Reiki session


Basics of setting up a Reiki business

✨ Things to consider when charging for your Reiki services


 – if you do hands on 1-1 work (like massage, acupuncture, etc) and want to supercharge your treatments

– if you want to share Reiki healing with others AND make money

– if you want to support family and friends no matter how far away they live!

– if you’re looking to deepen your spiritual knowledge


How do I sign up ?

Signing up for the Reiki Level 2 class is simple!

First: Click the “I want to health the world” button above or below to enroll in the upcoming online Reiki 2 class.

Then: Once payment is received, you’ll receive a Welcome Email.

A few days before class you’ll receive an additional email about what you’ll need to do before we begin!


✨ Frequently Asked Questions ✨


Yes, you must have taking a Reiki Level 1 course previously as the class content builds upon previous information.

The short answer is everything. Since Reiki supports physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health it can serve as a support for any ailment. I’ve seen it work wonders with helping to alleviate chronic pain and anxiety. And with a Reiki Level 2 attunement, you have everything you need to go out into the world, support others with this new skill, and charge for your services!

If you’re here and reading this, YOU’RE READY! There are no coincidences and it’s a matter of courage and saying yes to the nudges that your Higher Self is sending you.

Yes absolutely! Energy is energy so whether you’re in person or halfway around the world (it’s quantum physics) we’re still able to connect energetically.