Activate Your Natural Healing Abilities

Reiki is a powerful but gentle healing modality that supports the health and wellbeing of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Learning Reiki will not only support your self healing, but it will crack open and expand your metaphysical abilities. Once you are attuned to higher energies, it’s easier to navigate the stressors of life so you can co-create the life you desire.

As an amazing “side effect” of practicing Reiki, you’ll get in touch with your true essence and start to remember why you chose to be on planet Earth in these transformative times!


After completing your Reiki 1 online course, you will:

✨ be attuned to Reiki universal energy

✨ develop a lifelong practice to heal yourself and others

✨ have an easy technique for deep relaxation and peace of mind

✨ understand your Intuition and energetic self care

>  SATURDAY March 9th 10am- 2:30pm cst  <

Your Reiki Level 1 Online Class includes:


An Introduction to Reiki

✨ Foundations and brief history of Reiki

✨ What Reiki is (and isn’t)

Basics of Energy Healing 

✨ Energetic anatomy of your body

✨ Common types of extrasensory perception

✨ How to flow Universal energy through your body for healing


A Reiki Attunement

✨ Starting with a short meditation to get you into a relaxed state to receive your energetic attunement


Self Care & Energetic Housecleaning

✨ Grounding exercises

✨ Techniques for energetic protection and clearing negative energy


How To Give A Complete Reiki Session

✨ A step by step guide for self treatment

✨ A demo of Reiki hand positions on others



– if you’re a highly sensitive person and struggle with absorbing energy from others or your surroundings

– if you’re interested in self healing and supporting others

– if you’re ready to embody a higher version of yourself

– if you’re dealing with chronic pain or anxiety/depression and want to help heal yourself 


Reiki is perfect if you’re a massage therapist, yoga instructor, acupuncturist, or work with people 1-1.

Reiki is perfect if you KNOW there’s more to life than what you see in the physical world and want to reestablish a connection with your deeper self.

Reiki is perfect if you are a veterinarian, groomer, trainer, or just love showering your own pets with love!

Reiki is perfect if you want to learn to thrive in the shifting reality the world is experiencing.

How do I sign up ?


Signing up for the Reiki Level 1 class is simple!

First: Click the “Activate” button above or below to enroll in the upcoming online Reiki 1 class.

Then: Once payment is received, you’ll receive a Welcome Email.

A few days before class you’ll receive an additional email about what you’ll need to do before we begin!


✨ Frequently Asked Questions ✨


Nope! Only the desire to learn and explore just how powerful you truly are!

The short answer is everything. Since Reiki supports physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health it can serve as a support for any ailment. I’ve seen it work wonders with helping to alleviate chronic pain and anxiety.

If you’re here and reading this, YOU’RE READY! There are no coincidences and it’s a matter of courage and saying yes to the nudges that your Higher Self is sending you.

Yes absolutely! Energy is energy so whether you’re in person or halfway around the world (it’s quantum physics) we’re still able to connect energetically.