How much sleep is normal?

The answer to this sleep query is different for everyone. Which is why Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a good fit for those who consistently don’t sleep well. TCM tailors each treatment and herbal prescription for each individual for what is going on in your unique body.

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According to studies, the average “healthy” adult needs approximately:

8 hours of sleep per night 

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This, however, greatly depends on your age and lifestyle. Some people feel fine and fully functional with just 6 hours, others need 9 hours.

If your very physically active, pregnant or a growing teenager you likely will want (and need) more sleep. If you older, you may want more of it, but in shorter stints.

I’m a big supporter of the 20 min nap. When I visited China I was pleasantly surprised to discover that everyone had a 2 hour lunch break to eat and relax (and nap). It’s a practice that I would definitely like to start seeing more in our society.

If you wake up fatigued, work a typical 9-5 job and can’t afford a nap in the afternoon, try going to bed 1 hour earlier for a week.  See if that makes a difference in your energy and daily functioning.

As always, feel free to contact us to see if we can help you with your sleep issues. Stay tuned for more sleep tips and information later in the month!


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