Get BETTER SLEEP tonight!

get better sleep tonight

Did you feel like you needed to “catch up” on your sleep every weekend?

Usually the weekends can either be a time to slow down . . . or speed up. However, when Sunday evening rolls around we inevitably start thinking about the “to-do” list for the week ahead.

This week, I want you to put your SLEEP HABITS on the “to-do”.

You see, the *quality* of your sleep is a big determinant to overall physical health and wellbeing. And we know that if you don’t have your health…life isn’t quite as enjoyable is it?

Grad school was an insomnia-filled 4 year experience for me. I learned the hard way that lack of sleep negatively effects your mood, heart, and energy.

But from that, I gained knowledge and tools to make sure that isn’t my reality anymore. And I want to share these easy tips with you too.


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If you’d like to check out the items I shared: Blue Light Blocking Glasses, Sound Machine, or CALM powderyou can find them in my Amazon shop (click HERE) under Sleep support.

Wishing you restful and restorative slumber. Sleep forms the foundation for everything and everyONE we get to pour our time, energy, and love into.

Sweet dreams,





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