Ditch the Downers

This quote was one of my most engaging Facebook posts from last week. It seemed to have struck a nerve with people so I thought I would delve a little deeper into why it’s important to “Ditch the Downers” in your life.

Before I go on, I know that it’s impossible to live in a bubble and weed out all the naysayers you come into contact with. However in my work I focus on the whole person, I believe the type of people you spend a great deal of time with do influence the way you think. Furthermore, the mind has a powerful influence over the body therefore it’s an incredibly important factor in health.

Spending time with people that don’t make you feel good will ultimately make you feel bad.

Obviously anyone who is emotionally or physically abusive needs to go. Those aren’t the people I’m thinking of here. More specifically those whose actions or comments are more insidious. You know, the people who on the surface seem OK, or maybe even nice. But somewhere deep down make you feel bad about yourself, your choices, they may always make you feel wrong, insult your views on anything (nothing wrong with an intelligent argument but you know what I mean).

Coined “Debbie Downers” or energy vampires, you need to minimize the time you spend with this type of person. I know this isn’t possible for every person as sometimes this person can take the form of a family member, a spouse, a friend, a co-worker, etc. But do what you can to disengage as much as possible from them.

It is said we average up to 70,000 thoughts per day. If the majority of these thoughts are crammed with negativity, it is bad for your mindset and ultimately your health. Why, you may ask? Because 98% of those 70,000 thoughts are recycled. You’ve already had those thoughts before and being entrenched in thousands of negative thoughts, day after day, month after month, year after year will absolutely effect your well-being and immune system.

Spend time with people who inspire you and have something positive to offer. Your future happier, healthier self with thank you!



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