Chakra Imbalance Symptoms for Body & Mood

Chakra imbalance symptoms for body and mood

It’s back to the basics today! Let’s do a quick dive into chakra imbalance symptoms for body and mood.

In my new home there are a lot of folks who are newbies to the holistic healing and the energy healing world, so I thought sharing a video covering some of the fundamentals would be a nice refresher.

Reiki, which I teach and also give sessions, is a Chakra based modality that supports the physical body AND the emotional body.

Each Chakra correlates to *specific* endocrine gland, area of the body, AND emotional range.

This means, that if your Chakras are imbalanced >>> the energy in your cells is off >> your physical body is off >> your emotional mood is off.

Everything is related and the body has a unique innate intelligence of its own.

This means chronic low back pain (*physical) could have root in growing up in a house with financial instability (*emotional). Or IBS (*physical) could have something to do with lack of self worth (*emotional trigger).

Who you are is a mix of personal history, genetic coding, and belief systems.



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In the meantime, keep those Chakras humming!








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