Acupuncture and anxiety

Well, it’s definitely still winter as we have about 4 more weeks until the first day of spring. I know many people in Northwest Arkansasland are having a hard time with the ongoing sub-freezing temperatures and it’s affecting their mood – especially depression and anxiety. In my February newsletter I talk about some simple ideas to get through the next month with a better mindset.

Acupuncture for any ailment is always tailored to the person sitting in front of me. That same is true for when I treat patients with anxiety because every person has a different personality, different needs and different symptoms.

Common anxiety symptoms:

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  • Heart palpitations (the sensation of feeling your heart beating)
  • Stuffy chest or shortness of breath
  • Surging up feeling in abdomen
  • Sweaty palms
  • Cramping in low abdomen followed by an urgent bowel movement
  • Feeling fearful

As I’ve mentioned before, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views the mind and body as one constantly interacting whole. Meaning our emotions can have a physiological effect on the body and vice versa.

There are 5 emotions in TCM that relate to the 5 elements:

  • Anger – Wood
  • Happiness – Fire
  • Worry – Earth
  • Grief – Metal
  • Fear – Water

When one or more of the elements is out of balance (either too much or too little) the physiological change can manifest as an emotional change as well. For example, many people with anxiety have too much of the Water (Fear) element in their body and not enough Fire (Happiness).

Depending on your signs, symptoms and diagnosis of pulse, tongue and abdomen you will get an acupuncture treatment and herbal medicine formula personalized to you to re-balance your mind and body.

If you have questions about how acupuncture and herbal medicine can help your anxiety, please don’t forget that we offer a complimentary 10 minute phone consultation.






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