9 Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

“Waking Up” can be an alienating and ego-shattering experience. I want to share 9 Signs of a Spiritual Awakening to you know you’re not alone.

It’s like all of a sudden. . . your life doesn’t fit anymore. You don’t know who you are and you’re not sure what to believe.

It’s a very confusing time.

The catalyst for your Spiritual Awakening can be anything. But no, you’re not going crazy (even though it feels like it)!

When it happened to me in 2015 it was *definitely* a weird time and I was looking for answers and support. When and if this happens for you, it’s good to know you’re not alone.

In this video I talk about what a Spiritual Awakening is, what can cause it, 9 common signs that typically accompany the experience, and a couple suggestions on what to do if you’re in that phase now.


In review, the 9 signs of a Spiritual Awakening I mentioned are:

  1. Can’t relate anymore
  2. Feel alone
  3. Belief system shifts
  4. Habits change
  5. Spirituality becomes more important
  6. Intuition expands
  7. Bullsh*t radar and discernment increases
  8. You find new community


There might be a PART 2 to this video answering some questions about the “phases” of awakening. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel to follow up.

And I created an Amazon storefront (probably late to the game on that one!) and aside from sharing everyday no/low toxic free items I use all the time at home, I included book recommendations for Body & Spirit.

I’m still adding items, but if you’re in the Spiritual Awakening stage, two books you can find in my store that will help you are “Bringers of the Dawn” for the big picture of what’s happening across the planet and “Energy Medicine” to support your body’s vitality.

Remember, wherever you are in your journey… IT IS GOOD.









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