The 3 Pillars of Self Care

The 3 Pillars of Self Care


Self care can be so easy, but so hard at the same time. We are all busy doing things in our lives and taking care of other people – sometimes we forget that we have to take care of ourselves too! As summer arrives and activities begin, let this be a gentle reminder to take time out to LOVE yourself. My recommended minimum daily requirement of self care includes:


As my Mom used to tell me “Sit. And be still”. Whether you sit in silence, pray, practice mindfulness, or meditate – stop doing and practice just being. Science proves that amazing things happen to your brain and your body when you get still. 5 minutes is a good start. 10 minutes is even better. Just do it. Do it everyday.


I’m talking about nourishment of the body and the soul. You can’t have a happy whole if one of the pieces is rotten. Feed yourself good, nourishing, quality food (cooking for yourself is a bonus if you have time!). Cheap, nutrient deficient food isn’t doing you any favors. Enjoy things that keep your soul happy and buoyant. Dance, sing in the shower, color your hair crazy colors, grow a chia pet garden – whatever makes you smile and shine. Then do it more often.


Sweet, sweet sleep is so important. It’s the time our bodies perform their cellular repair duties so that we can keep on keeping on. Everyone’s needs are different, but shoot for 6-8 hours on a regular basis. Which may mean powering down the TV/computer/phone earlier so you can get the rest your body needs.

“Don’t forget to love yourself”  ~ Soren Kierkegaard



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