11 Signs You’re An Empath

11 signs you're an empath


Are you a sensitive Soul who feels deeply and wonder why everyone else doesn’t? YOU COULD BE AN EMPATH! Here are 11 signs you’re an empath to help you figure out if this sounds like you:



  1. You crave alone time to recharge
  2. You naturally love to help others
  3. You’re sensitive to loud noises and strong smells
  4. You’re highly intuitive
  5. You have trouble fitting in
  6. It’s hard to set boundaries
  7. You dislike (and avoid) conflict
  8. You love nature
  9. People tend to share their problems with you
  10. You dislike crowds
  11. You get easily overwhelmed

If you relate to 2 or more of these, YOU’RE PROBABLY an Empath!

Even if currently you feel overwhelm and anxious on a regular basis, know that being an Empath is a blessing. Not something that should be a burden. It’s all in the way you approach using and sharing your gifts.

Your beautiful sensitivities and energy give you a deeper understanding and insight of the world.

A lot of Empaths actually don’t realize what they are…they often believe that they need to downplay their natural awareness and knowledge. But the truth is, that embracing what makes you unique and learning how to manage your energy, set firm boundaries, and tap into your Intuition can help you reclaim your power.

You get to be a heart centered person AND still thrive in the world with your intuition intact!

The world has changed. And continues to change. The veil is gone. The energy on the planet is more powerful than ever…and I know you can feel that.

Now is the time for energetic self mastery and spiritual embodiment so you can BE, LIVE, and DO what you incarnated for. You are not the same person you were two years ago. You are closer to your True Self than you have ever been…why not welcome her with open arms and remember who you truly are?

Did these 11 signs you’re an Empath give you clarity on why you are the way you are?

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