East + West = The Jade Path

I see the body as a perfect blend of art + energy + science. In my opinion it’s THE most perfectly engineered system animated by the energetic spirit. Coming from the perspective that one piece of the body can represent the whole (and vice versa), every treatment takes into account the current state of the body, mind, and spirit. When the body is healthy we are free to more fully enjoy our lives and interests that bring us happiness. At Jade Path I am here to listen, guide, and support your pursuit of remembering who you are and aligning your mind, body, and heart.

At Jade Path I know that every person who walks through my door is unique. That’s why I want to know the details of your health so I can formulate a customized treatment plan and choose appropriate therapies that benefit your unique situation.

My goal is always to restore balance in ALL areas of the body. I can help correct imbalances that have already become illness and pain, or to maintain health prior to the appearance of symptoms to prevent disease development.​

In Western medical terms acupuncture is said to have effects on the body such as regulating hormones, releasing endorphins, and reducing inflammation locally and systemically. While a single acupuncture session can provide relief, long term results are cumulative and multiple visits are recommended.

Rather than just helping you feel ‘a little better’, my mission is to treat all facets of who you are —physical, emotional, and spiritual— so that you not only experience rapid relief, but you also have a blueprint for balanced and healthy living that will serve you for the rest of your life.